Intensive Supervision Program

The intensive supervision program serves youth and adults sentenced by the court to a term of probation. Once they are assigned to Community Corrections the supervising officer conducts an assessment of the offenders’ risk/needs, develops a supervision plan to address those needs, attempts to engage the offender and family members, assists the offender and family to access community based services, monitors adherence to court ordered probation conditions, and provides updates to the court concerning the offenders’ supervision.

Primary duties involve the following: maintaining personal contact with offenders through office and community visits; investigating employment, sources of income, life style and associates in order to assess risk and compliance; detecting substance abuse through urine collection and other methods; contacting collateral sources concerning offenders’ behavior; detecting and investigating violations of the conditions of supervision; reporting violations of the conditions of supervision to the court by preparing reports and/or affidavits; testifying at court; and maintaining a detailed written record of case activity.