County Attorney

Lyon County, Kansas


County Attorney

Marc Goodman, County Attorney

Fax: 620-341-3442 

Staff Directory

Emily Torres, Office Manager
Carrie Goss, Victim/Witness Coordinator
Kayla Delgado, Assistant Victim/Witness Coordinator
Jamie Nordmeyer, Diversion/IIP Coordinator
Amy Aranda, First Assistant Lyon County Attorney
Meghan Morgan, Assistant Lyon County Attorney
Carissa Brinker, Assistant Lyon County Attorney
Ashley McGee, Assistant Lyon County Attorney
Cristal Lemus, Legal Secretary
Mercedes Aldama, Legal Secretary
Silvia Urbina, Legal Secretary
Sue Stephens, Legal Secretary
Amy Jackson, Legal Secretary
Cynthia Hernandez, Legal Secretary
Mark Schondelmaier , Investigator
Dennis Delmott, Investigator
Carlton Heller, Investigator

Mission, Vision, Principles


We, the Lyon County Attorney’s Office, will be diligent in the prosecution of those charged with criminal offenses as we consistently seek the truth to attain a just result, ever mindful of our duties to victims and the community.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to:

  • Enhance the quality of life in our community
  • Be leaders in quality prosecution
  • Aggressively advocate our cause
  • Continuously improve our service
  • Achieve our goals through teamwork


Our guiding principles:

  • We will treat all people with dignity, respect, honesty, and fairness.
  • We will interact with the people of Lyon County, all groups and organizations in a spirit of cooperation.
  • We will provide all people with ethical, confidential, competent and professional service.
  • We will hold all people responsible for their actions.
  • We will ensure that our office is a rewarding, challenging and enjoyable place to work for all staff.
  • We will treat each other with respect and give each team member credit for their distinctive contributions.