Motor Vehicle

Lyon County, Kansas

Motor Vehicle Department


Fax: 620-341-3325

Inspection Hours

Application for title and registration must be made in the County Treasurer ’s Office in the county of residence or place of business. To avoid penalties, this must be done within 60 days of date of purchase of a vehicle, or if moving into Kansas, 90 days after establishing residence.

Effective January 2003, the State stopped issuing titles to vehicles with liens on them. These titles are held by the State in an electronic format. When a lien is paid off, bring notarized lien release into the Motor Vehicle office to be sent to the State. When received by the State and all paperwork is complete, a title will be printed and mailed to the customer. THIS MAY NOT COVER ALL INSTANCES; IF QUESTIONS ARISE, PLEASE CONTACT MOTOR VEHICLE OFFICE AT 620-341-3257.



Qless allows Lyon County to provide excellent customer service

that will eliminate the need for citizens to wait around for extended

periods.  Citizens enter the virtual queue one of three ways:

  • Click on this page from your computer, tablet or mobile device
  • Text “Lyon County Motor Vehicle” to 620-254-9998
  • Install the “QLess” app on your computer, tablet or mobile device

Depending on your business, you will enter one of two lines:

  1. Commercial/Fleet
  2. Motor Vehicle – if you choose this option, you can then choose what type of transaction you will be doing, i.e. title, renewal, etc.

Please Note:  Commercial/Fleet transactions queue closes at 3:00 pm daily and Motor Vehicle queue closes at 4:30 pm daily.

The “Wait”

Once you have entered the appropriate line, you will receive a confirmation text message.  Updates about your estimated wait time will be sent to your phone and you will be notified a few minutes before you reach the front of the line.  No need to wait at the office; you can spend the time enjoying Downtown Emporia, running other errands or however you like!  When it is your turn, you will receive a text and one of our clerks will assist you.

Any question, please call 620-341-3257.

What you need to:

Title a vehicle

Title Fee (new or used) — $10.00

New Vehicles:
  • Properly assigned MSO (manufacturer’s statement of origin)
  • Proof of insurance: MUST show year, make and ID number of vehicle, name of insured and the effective and expiration dates of policy, company name and policy number, certificate of self-insurance, binder, commercial policy, fleet policy, or motor carrier ID number issued by corporate commission. Proof of insurance may be faxed ahead of time.
  • Sales tax receipt from Kansas dealer. If out of state dealer, county will collect sales tax and bill of sale or copy of invoice required.
  • Must show current Kansas Drivers License or KSID.
Used Vehicles:
  • Properly assigned title; if out of state or non-highway title, a VIN inspection is required. This may be obtained at the Sheriff’s Office on Tuesdays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Must see vehicle and title; a $20 fee is required.
  • Rebuilt salvage/non-highway $20/$25
  • Proof of insurance. SEE ABOVE
  • Sales tax receipt from a Kansas dealer; if purchased from an individual, sales tax will be collected on the purchase price on title or bill of sale.
  • Notarized lien release if lien showing on face title.
  • Current Kansas Drivers License or KS ID.

Transfer of plates

Transfer Fee — $20.50 to $22.00 with loan

  • Title or MSO and other forms required for titling vehicles.
  • Current registration receipt or plate number and fee for duplicate registration.
  • Previous vehicle MUST be sold or traded within 60 days of new purchase.
  • Name of purchaser of sold vehicle.
  • Assignment of new title must be the same as name or names on previous registration.

Motor Vehicle Registration Fees

  • Autos less than 4500 lbs $42.25
  • Autos over 4500 lbs $52.25
  • 12M Trucks $52.25
  • Motorcycles $28.25
  • Motorized bicycles $20.00
  • Trailers
  • 2000 to 8000 lbs $47.25
  • 8001 to 12000 lbs $57.25
  • 12001 and over $67.25
  • Trailers with a gross weight (trailer and load) under 2000 pounds and farm trailers, hauling farmers own products with a gross weight of less than 6000 pounds are not required to be registered. However, titling and registering when first purchased is recommended in case of lost title or if traveling out of state.
  • Fees for trucks with a gross weight of over 16000 pounds may be obtained by calling motor vehicle office.
  • Property tax is paid at the time of registration on cars, trucks with a 12M weight, and motorcycles. Heavy trucks, trailers and motorized bicycles pay taxes as personal property in December.
  • The sales tax rate for Lyon County is 7.5%; for the City of Emporia , it is 8.5% for vehicle purchased here. Vehicles purchased in cities or counties with local tax will be subject to that tax also.

Inspection Fees

Effective July 1, 2011 inspection fees for all out-of-state titles for used vehicles and Kansas non-highway vehicles will be $20.00. Inspection fee for salvage vehicles will be $25.00.

The information contained in this website is accurate to the best of our ability. However, laws do change from time to time. Users should bear that in mind when accessing information from this website.