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Frequently asked questions.  This is an attempt to answer general questions and should not be considered legal advice.

When and where are the Sheriff’s Sales held?

All foreclosure sales are held at 10:00 am Monday-Friday as scheduled, in the front lobby of the Lyon County Courthouse, 430 Commercial St., Emporia, Ks.

How do I find out more information about a Sheriff’s sale?

The list of properties contained in this website may not be a complete list as sales are added and cancelled from day to day and this list is updated weekly.  The information provided on this website will include the date of sale, the physical address of the property and the attorney representing the plaintiff.  The attorney handling the case will have the most up to date information and possibly the starting bid amount.  All sales are advertised in the legal notices of the Emporia Gazette.

You have no right to personally inspect any property prior to the sale.  The homeowner still has legal possession of the property.

What happens at the Sheriff’s sale?

The sale begins at 10:00 am sharp.  The case number, plaintiffs name and defendants name will be read.  The plaintiff (usually a bank) will have a representative there to place the opening bid.  After the plaintiff’s bid all others present may enter their bid.  If you are the winning bidder you will need cash or a certified bank check for the bid amount at the time of the sale.

What happens after the sale?

If you are the winning bidder your money will be taken to the Clerk of the District Court awaiting an order for disbursement.  A return of service on the order of sale is filed by the Sheriff’s Office with the clerk of the district court.  An order confirming the sale will be generated, usually by the plaintiff’s attorney and signed by a Judge.  The orders may contain a redemption period of 3 to 12 months after the sale.  This means the defendant may make arrangements to keep the property.  During the redemption period you have no legal right to access the property and the defendant can still reside and maintain possession of the property. If the property is redeemed you will need to contact the plaintiff’s attorney so that the funds can be disbursed back to you.    Following the receipt of the order confirming the sale the Sheriff’s Office will issue a certificate of purchase, which states the name, the length of the redemption period, if any and the amount bid by the winning bidder.  The certificate of purchase will be sent to the plaintiff’s attorney.  At the end of the redemption period the plaintiff’s attorney will surrender the original copy of the certificate of purchase to the Sheriff’s Office along with the Sheriff’s deed, which will be signed and returned to the plaintiff’s attorney.  Once you have the deed you can take over the property.