Registered Offenders

Lyon County Sheriff

Registered Offenders

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for maintaining all registered offender’s information within Lyon County and reporting that information to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. The Sheriff’s Office regularly checks compliance of offenders and files reports on non-compliant offenders to the Lyon County Attorney’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office uses a system called Offender Watch to maintain the records of all offenders in Lyon County. Click the link at the top of the page (or click here) and it will allow you to register for real-time alerts via email on offenders and when they move close to your neighborhood.

Kansas has 3 types of registered offenders – Sexual, Violent, and Drug.


Lyon County Sheriff’s Office Offender Registration Schedule

All offender registration updates will be completed in person at the Sheriff’s Office.

The schedule for quarterly registrations will be

  • Tuesday           3:00 PM         to         5:00 PM
  • Wednesday      11:00 AM       to         1:00 PM
  • Thursday          7:00 AM        to         9:00 AM

Change of information can be completed Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.

ALL first-time registrations will be completed by appointment. Contact the Sheriff’s Office to set up this appointment. 620-341-3205 

Violation of the Kansas Offender Act can be a felony-level offense. We work with each offender during this time to help everyone stay compliant. Non-compliance will be investigated, and charges could be forwarded to the Lyon County Attorney’s Office.


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