Detention Center

Lyon County Sheriff

Detention Center

Maintaining and operating a jail is one of the statutory requirements of the sheriff.  The sheriff is required to hold inmates for all felony and misdemeanor cases filed in Lyon County District Court.  To meet this requirement, the Lyon County Sheriff has a 163-bed adult Detention Center.

The Detention Center is staffed with 40 detention officers, a registered nurse, a licensed practical nurse and 5 cooks.  They are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the inmates.

Detention officers have many different responsibilities:

  • Processing inmates in and out of the facility
  • Transporting prisoners to court and to the Kansas Department of Corrections
  • Public and inmate safety
  • Laundry
  • Meal calls
  • Work/school release program
  • Job search program
  • Confined inmate worker(trustee) program
  • Inmate labor details

In cooperation with Crosswinds Counseling and Wellness, the Detention Center offers counseling services for confined inmates through programs:

  • Seeking safety
  • Anger education
  • Parenting
  • Individual counseling

The partnership with Emporia State University allows inmates to have an opportunity to learn some life skills while incarcerated in the facility.