Animal Control

Lyon County Sheriff

Animal Control

The Sheriff’s Office Animal Control office is headed by Felipe “FLIP” Perez.  Perez, with the help of other officers, handles everything from lost or strayed livestock to barking dog calls; animal bites to animal cruelty; vicious dogs to rabid skunks. The Sheriff contracts with several of the smaller communities in the county to provide them with animal control services as well. Most don’t have enough work to justify hiring someone themselves, so the Sheriff charges a $200/yr fee for animal control to patrol the town and pick up strays running at large (up to 4 dogs per month), then $40/head for the dogs collected beyond that.

Another big responsibility Animal Control performs is the investigation of animal bites. Perez ensures the animals are quarantined properly so the people bitten do not have to get rabies shots and the incidents are properly reported to the Health Department.

Perez also investigates animal cruelty complaints in the negligent care and keeping of animals as well as the cock fighting and dog fighting complaints.

Animal Control also humanely traps small mammals that become a nuisance around the homes of rural citizens.

The Sheriff encourages everyone to follow the US Humane Society recommendations to spay or neuter your pets.