Lyon County Sheriff


The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is administered by the Sheriff, Undersheriff, Jail Supervisor and Office Manager. Their support staff includes three administrative assistants.

One administrative function performed by the Sheriff is Offender Registration. Convicted offenders are required to report their residence, place of employment, vehicles used and other information four times a year or whenever they have a change in their information. As often as they move and change jobs they can be in to update their records six or more times a year.

The State of Kansas issues Concealed Carry Permits. The Sheriff has the responsibility of collecting the applications, photographs, fingerprints and application fees. (Information and the form to complete can be obtained via the Attorney General’s Website at:

Lobby Activities

  • Provide Gun Locks to keep children safe when guns are in a residence
  • Vehicle inspections are done by the Kansas Highway Patrol on designated days
  • Complete Lyon County Burn Permits
  • Answer basic questions regarding inmates