Kansas FORT– Flood Observation Reporting Tool






Strengthen Your Community’s Knowledge of Flood Patterns with FORT!

To access FORT, visit https://arcg.is/50WyK

The Flood Observation Reporting Tool is a quick and easy way to track flood events in Kansas. Providing information regarding observed flooding in your community helps KDA-DWR calibrate floodplain maps, predict future hazards, and identify areas of mitigation potential.

Contributions are welcome regardless of the extent of observed flooding. High watermarks, intersection or road closures, and inundation of structures are all examples of useful reports. Fill in as many of the fields as you can. The only required fields are name, date of report, date of the flood event, flooding source, and type of observation. FORT works on all browsers and even can be used with mobile devices.

You don’t need to know the lat/long coordinates of the flood area, as FORT includes a digital map to pinpoint your location. It is helpful to check the Kansas Current Effective Floodplain Viewer or the FEMA Map Service Center beforehand to determine the flood risk zone at a particular location. Elevation and depth data are also helpful, even if you are not a professional land surveyor. Feel free to upload an image of the flood observation as well.

Please note that FORT is not an emergency response or flood rescue application. Only collect data when it is safe, and never drive or walk into floodwaters.

Visit https://arcg.is/1LP4eC to see a display of prior reports.








Find and select the “Add Flood Location” on the left side under the “Editor Tab.” From here, you will be able to add a location of flooding to the map located within your community.
Next, select the severity of flooding for the area you are requesting a sign for; minimal, moderate, or severe. 
Once your level severity is selected, use the drawing tools as shown to create a polygon that best represents the area of flooding in the area of your community.
Once you have drawn your polygon, you will be prompted to fill out additional information. Please provide the information requested to the best of your ability.
Type: What type of flooding? Use the drop-down menu to select the best suitable option; Urban areas, streets, low-lying areas/poor drainage, etc.
Water_Stat: Water status; is it flowing or standing water?
Rescues: Were there any rescues? Yes/No
Frequency: How often does it flood?
Accumulation: What is the approximate rate of accumulation from rainfall?
Duration: How long does the area remain flooded after an event? 
Severity: This field should already be filled from your selection; minimal, moderate, or severe.
Sign_Rqst: Are you requesting a sign? Yes/No
Sign_Type: What kind of sign are you requesting? (Turn Around Don’t Drown, Levee Sign, Historical, or Multiple (list in comments))
If you are requesting multiple signs, please list in the comments which types.