The Board of Lyon County Commissioners met in Action Session at 9:00 a.m. in the Commission Chambers with the following people in attendance:

Rollie Martin, Chairman                                       Doug Peck, Vice Chairman
Scott A. Briggs, Commissioner                            Tammy Vopat, County Clerk
Marc Goodman, County Counselor                      Dan Williams, County Controller
Michael Halleran, Asst. Co. Counselor

Others attending the meeting:
Ryann Brooks, Gazette reporter                            Sam Seeley, Zoning
Chip Woods, County Engineer                               Roxanne Van Gundy, LCECC
Christine Johnson, LCECC                                    Jarrod Fell, Emergency Manager
Tagan Trahoon, KVOE reporter                              Mark McKenna, Facilities Manager

Call to Order / Pledge of Allegiance

Motion: To Approve the Agenda as amended. Martin/Briggs 3-0

Motion: To Approve the Minutes of the 9-30-2021 meeting. Briggs/Peck 3-0

Motion: To Approve Warrants Payable 10-8-2021 in the amount of $88,702.24. Peck/Briggs 3-0

Appointments: no action taken.

Personnel changes: no action taken.

Permits: no applications received.

Sam Seeley presented Commissioners with a request to consider a web based permitting system. Schneider (Beacon) currently provides our appraisal records on-line and this would be an add on to the services they offer for public access and availability. The set-up cost is $30,120.00 and the hosting cost is $3,400.00 prorated (yearly $5,100.00 cost for hosting). This permitting option will allow for users to apply for a permit and purchase on-line. Counselor Halleran stated review of the contract is not complete.

Motion: To Table the GeoPermits Portal Development with Schneider Geopastial (Beacon) for Planning/Zoning/Floodplain web-based permitting in the amount of $33,520.00 to be paid from Fund 017-00-9001 for approval of contract. Martin/Peck 3-0
Chip Woods presented Commissioners with a request to consider a cost share application which includes pulverizing the existing in place and mixing with cement for a compacted base and adding 3” hot mix asphalt overlay. If the project application is approved, Lyon County would be required to pay the cost up front and KDOT will reimburse. Commissioners gave Chip Woods direction to proceed with the application process.

Public comment: no one present.

Commissioner Martin:
• I attended the JEDAC meeting last Tuesday.
• Later today is the Joint City/County Luncheon meeting.
• Tomorrow I will be meeting with the Chamber of Commerce.

Commissioner Briggs:
• Receiving a lot of calls on road conditions.
• Fair Board meeting is Monday.

Commissioner Peck:
• RDA is tomorrow morning.

Clerk Vopat:
• I recorded the minutes of the annual Public Building Commission meeting yesterday.
• Working on the election and the tax roll.

Counselor Goodman:
• Attended the JEDAC meeting on Tuesday.
• Attended the PBC annual meeting.
• I am unable to attend the Joint City/County Luncheon meeting.
• I will attend the RDA meeting tomorrow.

Controller Williams:
• Attended the Ignite Emporia meeting.

Roxanne Van Gundy presented Commissioners with a request to consider travel for Christine Johnson to attend EMI PIO Basic Course, March 22-March 26, 2022.

Motion: To Approve Christine Johnson attending the Emergency Management Institute, Public Information Officer Basic Course and pay travel and expenses in an amount not to exceed $1,000.00 to be paid from Fund 019-00-7420 Briggs/Peck 3-0
Note: FEMA will reimburse all expenses but the meal ticket.

Jarrod Fell and Christine Johnson presented Commissioners with a request to consider updating the current Open Burning Resolution (06-16) to reflect the online application process.

Motion: To Adopt Resolution 25-21, a Resolution limiting open burning within the unincorporated potions of Lyon County, Kansas, prohibiting the same without an application, and establishing penalties for violations of the Resolution, and Repealing Resolution 06-16. Martin/ Briggs 3-0

Mark McKenna presented Commissioners with a request to consider the Natural Gas Fixed Price Contract. Discussion followed on fixed price, contract quantities and volume usage.

Motion: To Approve the quote from Constellation for a 3- year fixed price for natural gas at an estimated cost of $5.055 per therm with a maximum of 10% plus margin. Martin/Peck 3-0
Motion: To move to Legal Executive Session for data and information exchange with Commissioners, Controller Williams, Counselor Halleran and Counselor Goodman, to return to commission chambers at 11:05 a.m. Martin/Briggs 3-0
Meeting reconvened at 11:05 a.m. in commission chambers.

Commissioners discussed a letter of support for Build Back Better Grant. This is a grant being sought by the RDA.

Motion: To Approve signing a Letter of Support for the Build Back Better Grant. Martin/Peck 3-0

Motion: To Adjourn from commission chambers at 11:08 a.m. Martin/Peck 3-0

There being no further business before the Board, the next Action Session will take place on October 14, 2021, at 9:00 a.m. in the commission chambers.

Attest: Affirm:

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Tammy Vopat                                                              Rollie Martin, Chairman
Lyon County Master Clerk                                          Lyon County Commission