The Board of Lyon County Commissioners met in Action Session at 9:00 a.m. in the Commission Chambers with the following people in attendance:

Rollie Martin, Chairman Doug Peck, Vice Chairman
Scott A. Briggs, Commissioner                                  Amie Jackson, Deputy Clerk
Marc Goodman, County Counselor                           Dan Williams, County Controller
Michael Halleran, Asst. Co. Counselor

Others attending the meeting:
Montie Miller, Attorney                                                Vici Smith, PIO
Lynn McAllister, resident                                             Viola Hesket, resident
Harley Hesket, resident                                              Melissa McAllister, resident
Zach Deloach, Gazette                                               Rob Gilligan, Mayor of Emporia
Tagan Trahoon, KVOE                                                Lillian, Spellman, resident
Rhnae Blackburn, resident                                          Kristi Johnson, resident
Koety Williams, resident

Call to Order / Pledge of Allegiance

Motion: To Approve the Agenda as presented. Martin/Peck 3-0

Motion: To Approve the Minutes of the 8-12-2021 meeting. Briggs/Peck 3-0

Motion: To Approve Warrants Payable for 8-20-2021 in the amount of $180,136.06. Peck/Briggs 3-0

Motion: To Approve Payroll Payable for 8-20-2021 in the amount of $294,062.05 Martin/Briggs 3-0

Motion: To Approve Payroll Withholdings Payable for 8-20-2021 in the amount of $418,609.37
Martin/Peck 3-0
Appointments: no action taken.

Personal Changes: none

Permits: no applications received.

Motion: To move to Legal Executive Session for attorney/client privilege with Commissioners, Counselor Goodman, and Counselor Halleran to return to commission chambers at 9:30 am.
Martin/Briggs 3-0
Meeting reconvened at 9:30 am in Commission Chambers.

Commissioners discussed extending the 1% countywide sales tax. This will be an extension of the current sales tax.

Motion: To Adopt Resolution 21-21, a Resolution Causing the Proposition of 1% Sales Tax to be submitted to the voters of the county at the next General Election (Pursuant to K.S.A. 12-187).
Noted: Election will be held on November 2, 2021. Martin/Briggs 3-0
Public comment: Rob Gilligan, Mayor of Emporia, commended commissioners on the extension of the sales tax resolution and putting it out to the voters. Koety Williams, expressed her opinion on the Covid policy and mandates that USD 253 has put in place. Lynn McAllister expressed his opinion on the USD 253 mask mandate, the statistics of Lyon County with Covid cases and deaths and Governmental funding. Melissa McAllister expressed her opinion on freedom of parents for children and Senate Bill 40. She spoke on the mandate of the school mask policy.

Break from 10:22 a.m. until 10:30 a.m.

Commissioner Martin:
• Council on Aging meeting Monday afternoon
• Welcome Beef feast spectators and supporters

Commissioner Peck:
• Attended RDA last Friday

Commissioner Briggs:
• No report

Deputy Clerk Jackson:
• No report

Controller Williams:
• No report

Counselor Goodman:
• Attended RDA last Friday
• Minutes should reflect the change of Resolution 20-21, a Resolution of Lyon County, Kansas deeming it advisable to annex certain land described herein: to find and determine that the annexation by the City of Emporia, Kansas, pursuant to K.S.A. 12-520.c of certain land in Section 12 and 1 of Lyon County, Kansas, shall not hinder or prevent the proper growth and development of the area or that of any other incorporated city located withing Lyon County, Kansas. This was done to notify the city. The resolution passed today should be numbered 21-21.

Motion: To Table the issue of vacating a portion of Road 30 at intersection C until 10:15am on September 2, 2021. Martin/Brigss 3-0

Motion: To move to Legal Executive Session for attorney/client privilege with Commissioners, Counselor Goodman, Counselor Halleran and Controller Williams to return to commission chambers at 11:00 am.
Martin/Briggs 3-0
Meeting reconvened at 11:00 am in Commission Chambers
Public Health Report: Dr. Oyenuga presented Commissioners with an update on Lyon County Public Health. She spoke on the booster dose for those who are compromised and how and when a person can get it. She would recommend a mask mandate.
The Board of County Commissioners are leaving the April 11, 2021, order in place and recommends mask wearing as appropriate and obtaining vaccinations

Motion: To Adjourn from commission chambers at 11:25am.
Martin/Peck 3-0
There being no further business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned. The next Action Session will take place on August 26, 2021, at 9:00 a.m.

Attest: Affirm:

___________________________________________ _______________________________________
Amie Jackson,                                                               Rollie Martin, Chairman
Lyon County Deputy Clerk