The Board of Lyon County Commissioners met in Action Session at 9:00 a.m. in the Commission Chambers with the following people in attendance:
Rollie Martin, Chairman                                                                                       Scott A. Briggs, Vice Chairman
Dan Slater, Commissioner *telecom                                                                     Tammy Vopat, County Clerk
Marc Goodman, County Counselor                                                                     Dan Williams, County Controller
Michael Halleran, Asst. Co. Counselor

Others attending the meeting:
Viola Heskett, resident                                                                                         Jean Barnett, I.T.
Melissa McAlister, resident                                                                                   Jim Brull, Road & Bridge Dept.
Sam Seeley, Zoning                                                                                             Steve Willis, Comm. Corr. Director
Ashley McGee, Asst. Co. Attorney                                                                       Janice Huffman, Human Resources

Call to Order / Pledge of Allegiance

Motion: To Approve the Agenda as Amended. Martin/Briggs 3-0

Counselor Goodman explained statutory requirements of open meetings. Telephone call appearance is allowed by law.

Motion: To Approve the Minutes of the 4-23-2020 meeting. Briggs/Slater 3-0

Motion: To Approve Warrants Payable 5-1-2020 in the amount of $187,673.00. Briggs/Martin 3-0

Motion: To Approve Payroll Payable 5-1-2020 in the amount of $277,636.28.
Martin/Briggs 3-0

Motion: To Approve Payroll Withholdings Payable 5-1-2020 in the amount of $199,923.57. Martin/Briggs 3-0

Appointments: Commissioners discussed board appointments.

Motion: To Amend the Motion made on 4-23-2020 to allow for an additional $12,038.70 for expenditures to AAA Glass Service for plate glass to be paid from Funds 017-00-9001 for $7168.70 and Fund 086-00-9001 in the amount of $4,870.00. Briggs/Slater 3-0
Note: This is a local business, AAA Glass Service of Emporia with delivery of product within 2-3 weeks. The Fund 86 are non-tax funds paid by the County Attorney’s Office. Commissioners noted this expenditure is for the safety of employees and residents. Counselor Goodman discussed the ability to expend funds from diversion fund account.

Personnel changes: no action taken.

Permits: no applications received.

Commissioner Martin
• I attended two EOC meetings and working with public health on exchange of information. I will also attend tomorrow mornings meeting. I have received a lot of emails related to opinions about opening up the county.

Commissioner Briggs
• I attended several zoom meetings related to the Covid-19 virus. Receiving a lot of emails and phone calls about opening up the county also. Trying to accommodate everyone and appreciate the input. I would like to commend those working in the Emergency Operations Center on their great work.

Commissioner Slater:
• Thank you to commissioners for carrying on in my absence.

Controller Williams:
• Sales tax for the month of April is up ahead of planned. Year to date we are ahead of last year.
• I will begin sending out budget business plans for next year.

Clerk Vopat:
• Working on election PPE needs and protocol.

Counselor Goodman:
• JEDAC meeting is Tuesday by zoom.
• Drug court has held yesterday by zoom.
• Enforcement of the law is my priority and taken very seriously. I will continue to provide legal services to the commission.

Jim Brull presented Commissioners with a resolution for their consideration to declare certain road as minimum maintenance.

Motion: To Table consideration Resolution 07-20 until June 25, 2020, a Resolution declaring certain roads under the jurisdiction and control of Lyon County as minimum maintenance roads. Martin/Briggs 3-0

Public comment: Viola Heskett commented about the Covid-19 presenting on behalf of Precinct 20 constituents. Questions followed about the live streaming on the commission meeting. Viola asked about how information is passed from the public health officer. How is the opening plan going to be published? Live streaming is available on the county face book site. Melissa McAlister representing Precinct 24 asked for the statute for the public health officer. EOC is operating under the emergency preparedness statutes. Counselor Goodman explained several statutes. Melissa presented percentages on the virus and asked for an adjustment consideration. How will you adjust going forward? Commissioners discussed the process of transfer of information. Melissa asked for Commissioners to be transparent and clear with links to live streaming live meetings.
Commissioner Martin explained the process. Counselor Goodman clarified the public health director has control over the phasing process.

Steve Willis presented Commissioners with information on Juvenile, Adult, Behavioral and Reinvestment programs and services and request to consider grant applications and budgets.

Motion: To Approve the FY2021 Grant Application and Budget KDOC-Juvenile Services Grant. Briggs/Martin 3-0

Motion: To Approve FY2021 Grant Application and Budget KDOC-Adult Services. Martin/Briggs 3-0
Motion: To Approve FY2021 Behavioral Health Grant and Budget Application.
Briggs/Slater 3-0

Motion: To Approve the FY2021 Juvenile Justice Reinvestment Grant.
Slater/Briggs 3-0

Sam Seeley presented Commissioners with information of an award. Sam was announced as the recipient of an Award of Excellence in the Comprehensive Plan – Small Jurisdiction category for the Emporia – Lyon County Joint Comprehensive Plan by APA, CPD and its sister organization, the NACP. Commissioners thanked Sam Seeley for the work done on the comprehensive plan. Sam also gave an update on the public meetings available related to the comprehensive plan.

Motion: To move to Non-Elected Personnel Executive Session with Commissioners, Ashley McGee, Controller Williams, Counselor Goodman, Counselor Halleran and Janice Huffman, to return at 11:15. Martin/Briggs 3-0
Meeting reconvened at 11:15 a.m. with information.

Recess / Break / Department Head zoom meeting

Commission Slater left the meeting at 11:30 a.m.

Motion: To move to Legal Executive Session for Confidential Data with Commissioners, Controller Williams, Counselor Halleran and Counselor Goodman, to return at 12:40 p.m. Martin/Briggs 2-0
Meeting reconvened at 12:40 p.m.

Motion: To Adjourn. Martin/Briggs 2-0

There being no further business before the Board, the next Action Session will take place on May 7, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.

Attest: Affirm:

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Tammy Vopat                                                      Rollie Martin, Chairman
Lyon County Master Clerk                                  Lyon County Commission