The Board of Lyon County Commissioners met in Action Session at 8:00 a.m. in the Commission Chambers with the following people in attendance:
Rollie Martin, Chairman                                                                    Scott A. Briggs, Vice Chairman
Dan Slater, Commissioner                                                                Tammy Vopat, County Clerk
Marc Goodman, County Counselor                                                  Dan Williams, County Controller

Others attending the meeting:
Tobey Kelly, Security                                                                        Bruce Boettcher, BG Consultants
Mark McKenna, Facilities Manager                                                 Janice Huffman, Human Resources

Call to Order / Pledge of Allegiance

Motion: To Approve the Agenda as amended. Martin/Briggs 3-0

Motion: To Approve the Minutes of the 11-27-2019 meeting. Slater/Briggs 3-0

Motion: To Approve Warrants Payable 12-6-2019 in the amount of $109,980.24. Briggs/Slater 3-0

Appointments: Commissioners discussed an application from Rob Gilligan for the hospital board appointment.

Motion: To Appoint Rob Gilligan to the Newman Regional Health Board for a term to expire 12-31-2023. Martin/Slater 3-0

Commissioners discussed a letter requesting written support for Crosswinds in their bid for a grant from the Kansas Department of Transportation.

Motion: To Approve signing a Letter of Support for Crosswinds for a Kansas Department of Transportation Grant. Briggs/Slater 3-0

Commissioners discussed the lease with the Kansas Department of Corrections.

Motion: To Approve signing the two-year Lease between Lyon County, Kansas and the Department of Corrections for office space in the Lyon County Courthouse. Martin/Slater 3-0

Personnel changes: no action taken.

Permits: no applications received.

Commissioner Slater:
• The Commercial Property Zoning meeting is this evening.

Commissioner Martin:
• I attended the JEDAC meeting on Tuesday.
• Received a letter from KCAMP and were awarded $2,000 for the purchase of signage. Thank you to Matt Collins for his work on this.
• Attended the Crosswinds legislative meeting last night.
• I plan to attend zoning meeting.
• I also will participate in Red Stocking Breakfast.
• Extension Board meeting is on Tuesday.
• Fairgrounds Foundation meeting is next week.

Commissioner Briggs:
• The hospital board meeting was last week.
• Mental Health meeting was last night.
• I will attend the zoning meeting this evening.
• Next Tuesday is the Extension Board annual meeting.

Clerk Vopat:
• I will be serving at the Red Stocking Breakfast on Saturday morning.
• Next Tuesday is the Public Information Officer quarterly meeting.
• I will administer the oath of office for board members at the annual meeting of the Lyon County Extension Board.

Counselor Goodman:
• I attended the JEDAC meeting on Tuesday.
• I will participate in the Red Stocking Breakfast on Saturday.
• Community Correction Advisory board meeting is next week.
• Annual dinner for the Lyon County Extension Office.

Controller Williams:
• Attended the Newman Regional Health meeting.

Tobey Kelly presented Commissioners with a request to consider upfitting for six Sheriff’s Office trucks.

Motion: To Approve the quote from TCS Upfitting, Inc. for upfitting six trucks in the amount of $40,467.90 to be paid from Fund 010-17-7602 for $28,575.00 and Fund 017-00-9031 for 11,892.90. Slater/Briggs 3-0

Mark McKenna and Bruce Boettcher presented Commissioners with the hot water tank replacement bids. Discussion of the single bid received followed. The bid was more than the engineers estimate of probable construction cost.

Motion: To Reject the Bid from SGI of Liberty, MO for the Lyon County Jail Domestic Hot Water Plant Replacement. Slater/Briggs 3-0

Commission gave direction Mark McKenna and Facilities staff to proceed with self-installation of the hot water plant replacement project at the jail.

Motion: To move to Non-Elected Personnel Executive Session with Commissioners and Counselor Goodman, to return at 9:10 a.m. Martin/Briggs 3-0
Meeting reconvened at 9:10 a.m.

Motion: To move to Non-Elected Personnel Executive Session with Commissioners, John Koelsch and Janice Huffman, to return at 9:30 a.m. Martin/Slater 3-0
Meeting reconvened at 9:30 a.m.


Public Comment: no one present.

Motion: To move to Legal Executive Session for confidential data with Commissioners, Controller Williams and Counselor Goodman, to return at 10:15 a.m. Martin/Briggs 3-0
Meeting reconvened at 10:34 a.m.

Motion: To Adjourn. Martin/Slater 3-0

There being no further business before the Board, the next Action Session will take place on December 12, 2019.

Attest: Affirm:

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Tammy Vopat                                                           Rollie Martin, Chairman
Lyon County Master Clerk                                       Lyon County Commission