1. Commission Chairman: Rollie Martin
2. Commission Vice Chairman: Dan Slater
3. Commission Representatives:
ECKAN: Dan Slater
Historical Society: Scott Briggs
Fair Board: Scott Briggs
Extension Board: Rollie Martin
Aging Advisory Board: Rollie Martin
RC&D: Voting Delegate: Mary Leffler / 1st Alternate:
RDA: Dan Slater
Newman Regional Hospital Board: All Commissioners
FHTC Board of Trustees: Teresa Briggs – 12-31-16
Flint Hills Community Health Center Board: Dan Slater
Lyon County Emergency Shelter Board: Dan Slater
JEDAC: Rollie Martin
Flint Hills Regional Economic Development Council: Scott Briggs
4. Noxious Weed/Household Hazardous Waste Director: Russell Torrens
5. Emergency Preparedness Coordinator: Rick Frevert
6. Zoning/Flood Plain Director: Sam Seeley
7. Health Officer: Phillip Davis
8. County Counselor: Marc Goodman
9. Assistant County Counselor: Michael Halleran
10. Investment Officer: Sharon Gaede
11. Freedom of Information Officer: Tammy Vopat
12. County Engineer: Warren Chip Woods
13. County Appraiser: Gary Stapp
14. Security Supervisor: Tobey Kelly
15. Facilities Manager: Mark McKenna
16. Human Resource Director: Janice Huffman
17. Controller: Dan Williams
18. United Way Representative: Sharon Gaede
19. Emporia Community Foundation: Skip Evans – term expires 12-31-2015
20. ADA Compliance Officer: Warren Chip Woods
21. RDA Board: Patrick Wiederholt – term expires 12-31-2016
22. Animal Control Officer: Felipe Perez
23. Official Radio Broadcaster: Emporia Radio Stations
24. Official Newspaper: The Emporia Gazette
25. Designated Depositories: All banks in the county except Bank of America
26. Public Information Officer: Tammy Vopat /Alternate: Ruth Wheeler & Vici Reynolds
27. Fairgrounds Manager: Sam Seeley
28. I.T. Department: Chuck Boyce
29. Community Corrections Director: ____________________________
30. Lyon County Coroner: Dr. Charles F.K. Glenn: appointed 12-27-2013
31. WAW Community Partnership: ___________________