Emergency Management

“Preparing for the worst… hoping for the best!”

Lyon County Emergency Management operates under the direction of the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office and the Lyon County Board of County Commission. The department was originally designated as a part-time position, but in 2002 was filled with a full-time coordinator. 2003 brought the need to expand the office with the addition of a part-time administrative assistant. Today the office, located in the lower level of the Lyon County Law Enforcement Center, has 2 full-time employees, with the Sheriff being designated as the alternate coordinator.

The mission of the Lyon County Emergency Management Office is to safeguard lives and property through effective emergency management by coordination of public and private resources, development of response plans, implementation of emergency operations and preparation, training and education. The office:

  • manages all emergency preparedness program areas within the county.
  • develops and implements disaster planning, mitigation and response activities within the county.
  • maintains emergency plans for all types of natural and man-made hazards.
  • provides the recommendations necessary to make decisions that will effectively save lives and protect property.

Central Kansas (Homeland Security Region 1) Multi-hazard, Multi-jurisdictional Mitigation Plan:

Mitigation Plan

Severe Weather Awareness Week Packet 2021

Websites of Interest:

Kansas Division of Emergency Management

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      Kansas Severe Weather Awareness Week for 2021 is March 1-5th.

The annual tornado test will be held at 10am CT on Tuesday March 2th this year.