Lyon County Sheriff


The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office has four deputies with special investigative assignments:

  • Two general assignment detectives
  • Probation Enforcement Officer
  • Emporia/Lyon County Drug Task Force Deputy

General Assignment Detectives

Our general assignment detectives specialize in child victim crimes; physical, emotional, and sexual abuse cases; and serious crimes against persons. They are available to assist the patrol deputies with more complex investigations and help with major cases, crime scene processing, and operating the mobile crime scene van.

The van is equipped with portable lighting, alternate light source equipment and has infrared viewing capacity, as well as general equipment for the collection and preservation of evidence.

We have an in-house forensic laboratory with specialized lighting, photography and air filtration equipment which allows us to do some specialized fingerprint and preliminary identification of bodily fluids and microscopic physical comparisons.

We utilize an automated fingerprint identification system which automatically collects and stores the fingerprints of every individual fingerprinted in the jail and compares suspect prints from our crime scenes to this database.

The detectives give educational classes on topics from child safety to drug and meth lab recognition.  If you would like to schedule a class, contact the Sheriff’s Office.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is staffed with a variety of professionals dedicated to providing the best possible services to victims of child abuse and sexual assault, and bringing the perpetrators of these crimes to justice.

We take a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach related to sexual assault investigations and prosecutions.  The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is part of a sexual assault response Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT).  The MDT consists of professionals from the community who work together to improve the response to victims of sexual assault.  The core team is comprised of law enforcement, advocates, prosecutors, and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE).

The sheriff has invested in training members of our staff to enable them to professionally interview victims of child abuse and other child victim crimes as required by recent case law changes.

Working within the Emporia-Lyon County MDT, the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office helps the community provide a more professional, effective response to sexual assault and child victim crimes by holding perpetrators accountable for their crimes and ensuring better service to victims.

Probation Enforcement Deputy

The Probation Enforcement Deputy is assigned full-time to the Fifth Judicial District Department of Community Corrections.  The Probation Enforcement Deputy is partnered with an Intensive Supervision Officer to conduct field-based supervision of high-risk, felony offenders in the community.  Field-based supervision permits the officers to respond swiftly to violations by intervening before small problems grow into larger ones.  This partnership between the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office and Fifth Judicial District Department of Community Corrections provides local law enforcement with a valuable intelligence resource about a targeted population of offenders and helps to promote public safety.

Emporia/Lyon County Drug Task Force Deputy

This Deputy is assigned to working narcotics throughout Lyon County. Emporia Police has a counterpart assigned as well and the two law enforcement officers work daily together. The Deputy investigates cases from drug possession to drug distribution to drug manufacturing and presents cases to the Lyon County Attorney’s Office for prosecution. This Deputy also attends Drug Court and is a valuable asset for Community Corrections and the 5th Judicial District is helping with the rehabilitation process of offenders.