I’ve noticed more Sheriff’s cars in the small town where I live. How often does a patrol car come through my community?Answer...

The Sheriff’s Office logs all calls for service coming into the office through Dispatch and all of the calls the officers generate.  Most of the time when patrolling through a town there are no reports generated so the officers just call in a TOWN CHECK.  They simply drive through the community doing routine patrols.  The following report lists the small communities in LYON County and the number of Town Checks reported monthly.

How can I get a copy of an accident report?Answer...

Send $5 with your written request to the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, 425 Mechanic, Emporia, KS 66801.

How can I get a copy of an incident report?Answer...

Send $5 with your written request to the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, 425 Mechanic, Emporia, KS 66801.

When I go on vacation, will the Sheriff’s Office check my home?Answer...

Yes. Call (620) 342-5545 and ask for a “property check”.

How do I get a concealed carry license?Answer...

Complete form on the Attorney General’s Website and bring it in to 425 Mechanic.

Where do I get information on sex offenders?Answer...

To get more information on sex and drug offenders in Lyon County, Kansas, visit the webpage at: http://www.kansas.gov/kbi/ro.shtml.

When can registered offenders update their information with the Sheriff’s Office?Answer...

The following is a list of times the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office will be available to complete Offender Registration Updates and complete Change of Information Forms.  If you are unable to come in during the timeframes listed please call the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office and ask for Amy to schedule an appointment. We will do our best to try and accommodate your schedule.
Tuesday           3:00 PM          to         5:00 PM
Wednesday     11:00 AM        to         1:00 PM
Thursday          7:00 AM          to         9:00 AM
Effective 9/1/10 all first time registrations will be done by appointment only. Please call the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office and ask for Amy to schedule your appointment.

Lyon County Sheriff’s Office Phone Number: 620-342-5545

Do you accept stuffed animals?Answer...

Due to the overwhelming response by the public the Sheriff’s Office is not accepting bears at this time.


How do I send an inmate mail?Answer...

Only letters sent by U.S. Mail will be accepted by the jail. No hand-delivered letters or notes will be accepted. All non-privileged mail will be inspected for contraband and money orders.  A full return address, including name, must appear on the envelope. DO NOT SEND CASH.  Inmate mail should be addressed to:
Inmate Name
c/o Lyon County Jail
425 Mechanic Street
Emporia, Ks 66801
Incoming mail for inmates no longer in jail will be returned to sender.

How do I get to the jail.Answer...

The Lyon County Jail is located in the Law Enforcement Center at the corner of 5th and Mechanic, close to downtown Emporia.


What items are prohibited?Answer...

Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, the following:

Firearms                   Pocket tools
Aerosol Sprays             Pen Knife
Box Cutters                Pocket Knives
Carpet Knives              Pepper spray/Mace
Crochet Knitting Needles   Metal Forks
Metal Fingernail Files     Razor blades
Handcuff Key               Stun Guns
Leatherman                 Table/steak knives
Toy weapons                Scissors
Screwdrivers               Utility Knives
Bladed instruments         Any type of cutting tool
Long Metal chains (billfold/wallet chains)
Martial Arts/Defense Weapons
Any type of explosive material or compound
Camera’s in the Courtrooms (Unless used as evidence
or approved by the Judge)

What if I have a pacemaker or defibrillator?Answer...

Advise the deputies when you enter the building. It is safe for you to go through the walk through metal detector. If you don’t clear the metal detector you may be subject to a pat down search. We will not use the hand held detector around you.

Will the x-ray machine damage my cell phone, computer or other electronic device?Answer...

The x-ray machine will not damage your cell phone or any other electronic device.


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