Senior Patrol

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office Senior Patrol is a volunteer organization trained to serve as eyes and ears of the Sheriff’s Office.

Senior Patrol members, working in two-member teams, conduct specific services while driving a Sheriff’s vehicle, wearing a designated uniform, and operating within the guidelines of the Sheriff’s Office.

When out-of-the-ordinary situations are encountered, official law enforcement persons are called to handle the situation.


The Senior Patrol’s role includes the following:

  • Checking property when the owner is gone for a period of time.
  • Checking on shut-ins.
  • Conducting traffic surveys
  • Patrolling towns in Lyon County.
  • Monitoring infrastructure in Lyon County.
  • Assisting with community events.


During 2011 the Senior Patrol has volunteered 4,469 hours of time, checked 4,604 properties and shut-ins, and drove 23,262 miles.

Other services included assisting with: Identa-Kid programs, Admire-Americus-Olpe-Hartford days, school bus evacuation training, Christmas parade, July 4th celebration, Senior Citizen’s Day, Lyon County Reception and Care Center, and the Lyon County Fair.

The Senior Patrol also takes opportunities in the community to promote their volunteer organization.


Senior Patrol members must be 55 years of age or older, hold a valid Kansas driver’s license, pass an FBI security check, complete a defensive driving course, be capable of walking (including up and down stairs), work at least a four-hour shift each week, and attend a monthly meeting.


Individuals interested in being a Senior Patrol volunteer should contact the Lyon County Department of Aging, RSVP, at 342-6119 to obtain an application.


To request the services of the Senior Patrol call the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch at 342-5545.

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