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PlanELC: Joint Comprehensive Plan



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Pre-Final PlanELC 

The Pre-Final PlanELC, is accessible via the link below. Through the participatory process and document reviews, a planning model has emerged that includes four primary goals:

  • Preserving agricultural landscapes
  • Linking parks to people
  • Connecting communities
  • Supporting infill development


Plan ELC is organized around these four goals. A series of specific objectives support each goal, which are policy-oriented recommendations. In addition, some goals have specific patterns to guide physical change. Selected examples show specific but preliminary improvement plans that respond to the applicable objectives.

Successful comprehensive plans are both strategic in that they address big picture land use and transportation issues and tactical in that they present specific actionable projects designed to help meet the goals of the plan.


Click the link below to view and download the Joint Comprehensive Plan.




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What is a Comprehensive Plan?

This Joint Comprehensive Plan will provide a plan for the future development of Emporia and Lyon County, created collaboratively by stakeholders: residents, land and business owners, City and County Staff, and other organizations active in the community. The plan will include a land use map, utilities, and transportation assessments, and planning for environmental, social, and economic sustainability. It will also provide recommendations for policies and strategies for implementation.


How can I participate in this process?

We encourage everybody to take part in this planning process! Check back into this website for information and the link to the web survey. You can also follow progress on Facebook: or Twitter: @PlanELC2017.

Watch for information on the workshop and plan to attend. There will be various sessions over the week and public participation is the key to our success. The full schedule will be posted well in advance.

If you would like to speak to one of The Urban Collaborative representatives, contact Zoe Anton at and be sure to come to the workshop in February!