Burn Permits




Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the difference between a Burn Ban and an Open Burning Permit?


A Burn Ban is a Resolution limiting open burning within a county by the Board County Commission.  A Burn Ban prohibits the building, maintaining, attending or using any open fire or campfire except in permanent stoves, fireplaces or barbeque grills in developed recreational sites or residential lawns when there is an imminent threat that could be caused by fire.

An Open Burning Permit is a two year permit that individuals are required to get when they want to conduct an open burn and are not restricted as to when they can burn.

  • Is there a charge for the 2 year permit?


No, the permits are free of charge.

  • Do I only need 1 permit per 2 year timeframe or do I need a new permit each time I burn?


Only 1 permit is required during the 2 year timeframe.

  • If I lose my permit do I need to get a new one?


No, just come to the Sheriff’s Office and request a copy of your permit.

  • If I need to burn before getting a copy of my permit does Dispatch have that information on file?


Yes, Dispatch has access to the log reflecting permits issued by last name as well as by permit number.

  • What information is needed on the Burn Permit?


The name of the person who will be doing the burn, the address of the person doing the burn, the phone number and cell phone number of the person doing the burn, and the signature of the person requesting the permit.

  • Who should the Burn Permit be issued to and at what location?


Permits are issued to the individual that is doing the burn and not to the location or property where the burn is being done.  Only 1 permit is needed even if several individuals are helping with the burn.

  • Do I need to contact anyone before I begin the burn?


Yes, you need to contact the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center before the burn.

  • Do I need to contact anyone after the burn?


Yes, the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center needs to know when you are finished with the burn.

  • Do I need a Burn Permit to burn household trash?


No, however, the person burning is liable for any damages and subject to a fine if the burn gets out of control.

  • Is there a specific type of container required to burn trash?


No, but there again the person is liable if the burn gets out of control.

  • Do I need a Burn Permit to burn within the incorporated city limits of my community?


Check with your city officials to see what your local regulations are within your city limits.

  • Would there ever be a time that I might be told I can not conduct a burn?


Yes.  The Lyon County Board of County Commission may impose a county-wide Burn Ban when the lack of moisture or fire hazard conditions are such that they could cause the occurrence or imminent threat of widespread or severe damage, injury or lose of life or property.

  • Where can I find more information concerning the requirements under Resolution 37-09?


More information can be found on the Open Burning Permit Flyer below.

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